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Appointments are made through our website. After the client chooses the procedure and fills in the necessary information, he will receive a confirmation for booking an appointment. If the client has not received confirmation and if the team has not received information about his booking, the studio is not responsible.

How can I make an appointment?

The client can cancel his reservation up to 4 hours before the procedure.

If the customer does not show up for his reservation or cancels it in the last 4 hours before it, he will be charged 20% of the canceled service on the next visit.

At the first cancellation of the appointment by the client, the artist complies with his request.

In case of a second cancellation of the appointment, the client owes the artist 50% of the amount of the service at the next visit.

In case of systematic non-appearance of the client, we have the right to refuse to book appointments or to accept booking only upon payment of a deposit of 100% of the price of the service.

Can I cancel my reservation?

If the client is more than 15 minutes late, the artist has the right to cancel the appointment if the schedule does not allow us to allocate time for the procedure.

In the event of a delay on our part, we undertake to notify the customer as soon as possible. If we are late by more than 15 minutes, we will compensate the client with 10% of the service.

Can I be late for my appointment?

In busy months, artists have the right to request a deposit from the client to book an appoinment.

If the appoinment is changed one week before the reservation date, the deposit remains valid.

If a change is attempted up to five days before the reservation, the deposit will be withheld by the studio.

Do I need to pay for the services?

All artists have the right to refuse service to a client if the procedure they want is contraindicated and unhealthy for them.

We also have the right to ask the customer to leave the premises if:

  • Intoxicated state

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Disrespectful behavior towards the Criteria team or other studio customers

Is it possible that the service I have chosen will be refused?

Unfortunately, if you've had an allergy once, it's very likely to happen again. There are two possibilities:

  • To get an allergy with the initial application.

  • Getting an allergy even though you've been applying eyelashes for years - an acquired allergy.

With an acquired allergy, it is very likely that you will be able to apply eyelashes after a few months of rest.

Can we apply eyelashes if we have an allergy?



No, eyelash extensions do not damage the natural eyelashes, but it is necessary to choose the right extension with the right length and technique for the particular natural eyelashes.

Does lash application damage the natural lashes?

The difference is that in the classic technique, one extension is applied to one natural hair, so you will have eyelashes as thick as your natural ones. When volume technique is applied, the number of hairs within the fan is increased, 3D is with 3 hairs, 6D with 6 hairs, Mega volume is with up to 10 extension hairs.

What is the difference between individual lashes and volume lashes?

No, when the number of hairs in the fan increases, the diameter decreases and therefore they weigh less. Simple math: for hair-by-hair we use a diameter of 0.15, for 3D - 0.07, for 6D - 0.05, for mega volume - 0.03. As follows, one hair 0.15mm is equal to 4 hairs 0.07mm, etc.

Do fans in volume technique weigh down the natural lashes more?

Infills are done two or three weeks after initial application. The idea of an infill is not only to fill in the newly grown eyelashes, but also to remove the old, grown-out extensions, and replace them with new ones. After infill, the customer should look like they have done a brand-new set.

On the fourth week of the application, the customer is billed for a new set.

How often should infills be done?

We do not do infills on eyelashes, applied at another salon. We remove them at our expense and the customer only pays for the new set.

Do you do infills on lashes applied at another salon?

Unfortunately, if you've had an allergy once, it's very likely to happen again. There are two possibilities:

  • To get an allergy from the initial application.

  • To get an allergy even though you've been applying eyelashes for years - an acquired allergy

With an acquired allergy, it is very likely that you will be able to apply eyelashes after a few months of rest.

Can we apply eyelashes if we have an allergy?

Yes, in the morning after washing your eyes with water, you dry your eyelashes and brush them when they are dry.

In the evening, apply lash shampoo to the brush and comb to clean the eyelashes as well as possible.

Should we brush our eyelashes at home?

It's a must!

Can we wash our eyes?

This is strictly individual and depends on the experience of the artist and the density of natural eyelashes, as well as the chosen technique.

How long does it take to apply eyelashes?

Unfortunately, this problem can have many causes..

  • Glue - suitability, humidity and room temperature, getting the right amount is a subtlety. The glue drop is changed every 15-20 minutes depending on the glue your artist is working with

  • If the artist does not use eyelash shampoo and primer before starting application

  • Incorrect application

  • Lack of fixing product – if one is not used, you should not wet your eyelashes for 24 hours from the moment of application

  • You should not use cosmetics with oils

  • You should not sleep on your eyes

  • You should not rub your eyes

  • When applying moisturizing products and eye cream, you need to remove them with a wet cotton pad before washing the eyelashes with water / these products have strong moisturizing agents that become slightly slimy on contact with water and easily transfer to the eyelashes.

Why do my false eyelashes fall out?

Eyelashes are cleaned only with lash shampoo! They should not be cleaned with baby shampoo, face washes and especially not with a cotton pad and micellar water.

What should I use to clean my eyelashes?

It is a must to wash them every night. Eyelashes are designed to protect the eyes from dust and pollution. When we add the extensions, the lashes become thicker, therefore a greater amount of impurities is retained there. It is mandatory to remove these impurities daily.

How often can I shampoo my eyelashes?

No, mascara is strictly prohibited. Removing it afterwards is almost impossible.

Can we put on mascara?

You can put on makeup. However, before applying powder shadows, it is necessary to put a base so that they are fixed and do not spread on the eyelashes. If you have eyeshadow on your lashes, dampen the eyelash brush and comb them so that it sticks to the brush.

Foundation and concealer should not get on the lashes. If this happens in the evening, after removing your make-up, be sure to wash with shampoo.

Can I wear makeup?

It is advisable to avoid applying eyeliner but if you have a special occasion and have to use it, use a felt-tip one. The longer the tip, the more likely you are to smudge the liner on your lashes. The tip should be as short as possible, like a pen.

Can I use eyeliner?

Both eyes are being done at the same time. This is the only way the artist can ensure that their client will have identically applied eyelashes on both eyes. In my practice, I have seen a radically different lash maps on a client's each eye. Sometimes we need to work both eyes with different sizes, we can only apply this when we have a clear view of both eyes so that we can compare them and apply the appropriate extensions.

Are both eyes being worked on at the same time or one at a time?

No, we make our own fans. This is the only way we can do complex modeling correctly. Example:

If on the left eye, lower row, we have a natural eyelash suitable for application and we place a 3D bundle there, then on the right eye, a natural hair may be missing on this row and we have to put a 6D fan оn the next lash to compensate for the volume. Thus we create the illusion that both eyes have the same number of eyelashes.

Do you work with premade fans?

If you have a problem or question related to the products or services we offer and you do not find its solution among the above, we will be glad if you contact us.

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За да бъде записан курсист за избран курс е необходимо да заплати 50% от сумата на курса предварително.

Как мога да се запиша на курс?

Ако курсиста не успее да се яви на посочената дата има право на едно презаписване за следваща дата.

Ако не успее да се яви на следващата дата капарото се удържа от студиото.

Какво се случва, ако не мога да присъствам на курса?

Студиото не поема отговорност с желанието на моделите за изисквания от тяхна страна по отношение на услугата. Услугите имат за цел да осигурят практически опит на курсистите.

Студиото не поема отговорност при неявяване на модел намерен от него.

Какви са условията за моделите?

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